Perfect Game

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Perfect Game

Postby UKLaxfan Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:32 am

There is no such thing as a perfect game in Lacrosse or Basketball but last night in the 2014 NBA Finals Game 3 Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs, the Spurs came pretty close.

41pts in 1st Q
71pts in 1st half

at one point in the 2nd Q the Spurs were shooting over 90% from the field

they broke records on offense and pretty much gave a clinic on unselfish Team Offense

If you get a chance to watch the 1st half or even just the 1st Q, do yourself a favour and watch it

They are re-showing it on BT Sport tonight at 5pm in Full

So what has this got to do with lacrosse you may ask?

Well on Offense and Defense the games are very similar from a strategy point of view as well footwork and use of possession & space.

San Antonio Spurs were not the favourites and did not have the individual talent level of the Miami Heat who are x2 time NBA Champions but the Spurs played great Team Offense by moving the ball quickly and player movement to support each other On & Off Ball.

Pick & Roll
Pick & Pop
Pick & Slip
Fake Picks
Screens & Seals
Cutting & Double Cuts
Draw & Dumps
Attacking the defense and penetrating when the D took a bad approach angle off a rotation
even playing an Inside/Outside game where they made the D collapse to the Paint (Crease) so they could pass the ball to an open man for an outside shot

It was a joy to watch

A good team beating a team of great individuals

anyway it was an historic performance and had the Pro NBA commentators purring with admiration

it wasn't about Flash Dunks or SportCenter Top 10 plays

it was all about unselfish team play, move the ball move your feet at it's most fundamental and beautiful best

"a thing of beauty is a joy forever" - John Keats

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