Euro 2012 Final

Any talk about the 2012 Euros in here please.

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Euro 2012 Final

Postby orange05 Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:54 am

England 15-5 Ireland

QT: 4-0
HT: 8-1
TT: 12-2

England scorers (unofficial):

Tom Gosnay 3+4
Nick Watson 3+1
Colin Clive 3+0
Sam Russell 3+0
Glenn Humphreys 1+1
Ben Lyon 1+1
Ollie White 1+1
Joe Singleton 0+3
Lewis Jacobs 0+1
Jak Wawrzyniak 0+1
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Re: Euro 2012 Final

Postby young_trig Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:40 am

Managed to watch quite a lot of the games on 247 over the tournament.

Well done to Ireland on making the final, I don't think that many people predicted that before the tournament and its always nice to see an underdog do well.

However, England absolutely dominated the tournament and my congratulations go to them on their well deserved gold!
No team really came anywhere near troubling them and the preparations and training really showed through.

Congrats to all involved, lets hope this filters through to the Worlds in 2014.

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