2010 World Championships Thanks YOU!

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2010 World Championships Thanks YOU!

Postby 2010Champs Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:37 pm

Dear All,

The seats and banners are coming down from the Armitage Centre and in two days time there will be no trace left from the 29 nations, 90 referees, 47 festival teams, 60 junior club teams, and hundreds of school children who participated in the 2010 World Championships. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback and we are thrilled with the success of the event.

Absolutely none of this could have been possible without the dedication of the 300+ volunteers who played their part. Your passion is a true testament to the potential for the continued growth of the sport of lacrosse in England. I stood by as this amazing group of leaders came together and got the job done through the wind, rain and standard event chaos. In my ten years of event management, I have never worked with a group like this one - from the Steering Committee, to the stewards, grounds crew, bench officials, information personnel, team liaison officers, physios/sports therapists and countless others...

On behalf of the English Lacrosse Association and the 2010 Steering Committee, THANK YOU. We could not have done it without you!


Sarah Oglesby
Director of Competition
2010 Men's Lacrosse World Championships
English Lacrosse Association

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