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Postby wildcat Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:08 pm

So expense aside, I wonder how many others find the following frustrating:

If you work - perhaps self employed, and cant afford to take the weekdays off, or in a job that means you don't choose when your holiday is... if you cant take holiday because your boss says you cant on those days, because he has booked it first...or a diplomatic meeting is booked in for some of the weekdays....or you have no days of annual leave left.......(covered a few bases there)

my take on this forum's message is that I cannot get a ticket beforehand to a weekend (or weekday for that matter?) game in a stadium.

Please tell me that I mistaken, and that the ELA realise that some people can't, for any number of reasons, take a week off work to watch lacrosse, and their plan, though well hidden, is to release day tickets for stadium games via their website (albeit with their booking fee). Because I would have thought it fairly ridiculous that the only way to get a ticket would be pay for a week of lacrosse tickets which you cant use, or to drive up on the day in the hope that one of about 2000 seats might be left for you.

Thanks sports' fans.
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Postby Gary Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:48 pm

To add my two penneth worth (plus booking fee), can I say even as a Manchester resident, I will not be attending any games on this basis, which is a real shame given that I was very excited at the prospect of this event coming back to the north west.

The whole mind set is wrong. Would love to go to a couple of games of my choice, perhaps taking some friends and family, but am not too keen on asking them to buy a ticket that costs the price of a package holiday to watch a load of games we will not be able to attend or may not want to watch.

Other choice is a bun fight with other like minded folk to try and get a ticket on the day. Sorry guys, guess I will have to look for highlights online.

A massive missed opportunity following flawed logic regarding value for money and a basic understanding of how people think and choose to allocate their hard earned holiday/free time/money.
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Postby snooplax Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:44 pm

In a way it could work out cheaper to play with a festival team and watch the tournie e.g Gin & Juice are asking £100 per player then you upgrade you "ticket" by £60 and watch all games and get to play too.
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Postby Soton_Jeds Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:07 am

I personally dont think this has been thought through very well myself.

How about a scenario to get the point across to Mr Git and maybe even the ELA (if they get off their backsides and look at what the people want)

I really would love to go to watch the World Championships ..... HOWEVER -

they are on during term time (this will affect alot of people around the WORLD in their decision of when they can go) I am unable to take time off work so will only make the two weekends... this will cost £150 for tournie ticket.. then £50-60 in fuel each weekend (100-120 for both) then add on that the princly sum of £49 for room for two nights so £100 X2 (£200 total) then there will be parking costs and food costs. by my calculations that is £470 plus a bit more for food for two weekends of lacrosse... thats £235 a weekend and includes 4+ hours each way driving each weekend from Southampton to Machester.....

Now not being funny.... i could probably find a pub and watch the NCAA weekend see some amazing lacrosse and with the money i WOULD have spent each weekend ... book a last min holiday to a Greek Island have £235 towards spending money and have a cracking tan....

so what is my incentive to go to watch the championships of the sport i love?
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Postby mandy Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:26 am

Without being pedantic
Soton_Jeds wrote:so what is my incentive to go to watch the championships of the sport i love?

going to see the world championships of a sport you love is pretty much an incentive in itself - ask any fans going to SA this summer

Out of interest has anything been said yet about tickets for the orange/red/yellow group games - if i'm not mistaken (and that's quite likely) so far the prices have been for the blue group
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