Canada team for 2010

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Canada team for 2010

Postby snooplax Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:44 am

Squad cut to the following 30 players:

1. Mac Allen, Midfield/Defense, Rochester Knighthawks, Bishop's University (Canada), Toronto, ON
2. Garrett Billings, Attack, Toronto Nationals, Toronto Rock, University of Virginia, Burnaby, BC
3. Matt Brown, Attack, Denver Outlaws, Portland Lumberjax, University of Denver, Burnaby, BC
4. Bradley Conlon, Goal, RIT Tigers, Nepean, ON
5. Daniel Dawson, Midfield, Toronto Nationals, Boston Blazers, Oakville, ON
6. Angus Dineley, Goal, Orlando Titans, Canisius College, Toronto, ON
7. Rhys Duch, Midfield, Washington/SJ Stealth, Stony Brook University, Victoria, BC
8. John Grant Jr, Attack, Toronto Nationals, Rochester Knighthawks, University of Delaware, Peterborough, ON
9. Zack Greer, Attack, Long Island Lizards, Minnesota Swarm, Duke University/Bryant University, Whitby, ON
10. Jordan Hall, Middie, Toronto Nationals, Orlando Titans, University of Delaware, Surrey, BC
11. Kevin Huntley, Attack, Washington Bayhawks, Philadelphia Wings, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
12. Adam Jones, Midfield, Canisius College, Owen Sound, ON
13. Stephen Keogh, Attack, Syracuse University, Toronto, ON
14. Evan Kirk, Goal, Hobart, Orangeville, ON
15. Curtis Manning, Defense, Calgary Roughnecks, Simon Fraser University (Canada), New Westinminster, BC
16. Jordan McBride, Attack, Stonybrook University, New Westminster, BC
17. Ryan McClelland, Midfield, Colgate University, Brampton, ON
18. Brodie Merrill, Defense, Toronto Nationals, Edmonton Rush, Georgetown University, Orangeville, ON
19. Patrick Merrill, Defense, Toronto Nationals, Orlando Titans, Mercyhurst College, Orangeville, ON
20. Gavin Prout, Midfield, Toronto Nationals, Colorado Mammoth, Loyola College, Whitby, ON
21. Kevin Ross, Midfield, Minnesota Swarm, Canisius College, Toronto, ON
22. Phillip Sanderson, Defense, Toronto Nationals, Toronto Rock, Orangeville, ON
23. Billy-Dee Smith, Midfield, Buffalo Bandits, St. Catherines, ON
24. Geoff Snider, FO/Midfield, Toronto Nationals, Philadelphia Wings, University of Denver, Calgary, AB
25. Mark Steenhuis, Midfield, Buffalo Bandits, St. Catherines, ON
26. Jonathon Sullivan, Defense, Toronto Nationals, Minnesota Swarm, Brock University (Canada), St. Catherines, ON
27. Merrick Thomson, Attack, Toronto Nationals, Philadelphia Wings, University at Albany SUNY, Hamilton, ON
28. Matt Vinc, Defense, Toronto Nationals, Orlando Titans, Canisius College, St. Catherines, ON
29. Shawn Williams, Midfield, Toronto Nationals, Rochester Knighthawks, Brock University (Canada), Oshawa, ON
30. Chris Sanderson, Goal, Philadelphia Wings, University of Virginia, Orangeville, ON
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Postby snooplax Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:14 pm

Found the following info at

14 players from the 2006 World Championship winning Team Canada roster will not be making the trip with the boys when they head over to Manchester for the 2010 Worlds in July.

No Gait. Not Doyle. No Phair. And the name most talked about that was left off of Team Canada’s widdled down 30-man roster released earlier this week, no Zywicki, the ‘06 tournament’s most valuable attackmen. After the jump, check out the other names that didn’t make the grade and what to expect from some that are still in the running to land a final spot.


Colin Doyle – Pulled himself out of the running prior to the national camp. Either way though, after two MLL titles and his impressive play in ‘06, not having Doyle hurts them both on-and-off the field.

Stephen Hoar - A bit of a surprise pick in ‘06, but Hoar came up big in London and definitely proved he belonged on the national stage. Has been playing for some bad Toronto Rock and Brooklin Redmen teams over the past couple seasons, but is always consistent.

Tom Phair - He was considered “older” in ‘06 but was one of the biggest stories in London, considered by many to be one of the top defenders across the board. Some even considered Phair a lock for 2010. Will Canada miss his leadership, shutdown skills and other intangibles only a guy like Tom Phair brings to the table?

Steve Toll - Like Doyle, Toll also yanked his name early, partially due to his coaching gig in Akwesasne next summer, along with suiting up for the St. Regis Indians.

Ryan Ward – Added depth back in ‘06 but likely lost his spot to the growing talent pool that made the ‘09 camp the deepest maybe ever in the country’s history. More high level field experience than several guys still in the running though.

Taylor Wray - With his past national experience and success at Duke, Wray was another guy many probably had penciled in to travel to England next year. Big, physical, mobile and obviously knows the international game well. Easily one of the most glaring names left off the list.

Jeff Zywicki - By far the biggest omission from the 30. Zywicki was so huge for Canada in ‘06 and also had a solid MLL season for the Dave Huntley led Toronto Nationals, with Merrick Thomson the only Canadian on the Nats roster with more goals than Zywicki. If Canada doesn’t bring home gold, Zywicki’s absence will definitely be one of the first things brought up by critics, who are already questioning the move.

Also not playing in 2010, but not included in the ‘09 selection camp; Gary Gait, Tom Marechek, Ryan Marshall, Kyle Miller, Jim Moss, Chris Seller and Andrew Turner


Jay Card - Tearing up the charts at Hofstra obviously and also apparently had a good camp. Will definitely be there in 2014.

Kevin Crowley – Had a huge year in ‘09 everywhere he played and is a very versatile ball player. Was a stud at Stony Brook, one of the most dominating players in the junior loop across the country, and then even impressed as a call-up for the Sr. Bellies at the Mann Cup. Gotta think depending on any injuries, even though seven guys are ahead of him in cuts, Crowley would be given consideration.

Brock Sorenson - Probably the biggest surprise of any of the current college kids left off the 30-man list. Sorenson is about to blow things up at Ohio State during his soph year, but already has a good looking field ball resume, most notably captaining the silver medal winning Canucks at the U19’s just over a year ago. Big, strong, athletic and a natural field D guy. With not a lot of high level defensive experience with the remaining 30, will Canada regret giving the kid, at the very least, further consideration.

Curtis d**k – Like his New West teammate above, d**k had a pretty brilliant ‘09, many feeling he had an outside chance of landing a spot with Canada. Would a 40+ goal season with Delaware be enough to change any minds if a spot opens up?

The rest of the cuts; Dan Coates, Sam Cook, Ryan Cousins, Ian Crashley, John Foley, Bill Greer, Jon Harnett, Michael Howe, Bobby McBride, Alex Peaty, Jeff Shattler, Corey Small, Bobby Snider, Kyle Sorenson, Soctt Stewart, Kurtis Wagar and Jamie Lincoln


Mac Allen - Like we mentioned when Allen landed in our NLL Top 50, few players stock went as through the roof as Mac’s did this past year, so maybe his inclusion shouldn’t be all that big of a surprise. Plays with a lot heart and is the definition of tenacious.

Dan Dawson - The box bred Dawson was at Canada’s last 50 camp back in ‘05 but missed the cut. Since then he’s turned into arguably the best player in the NLL and even played some minutes for Huntley with the Toronto Nats. Will Dawson’s style of play match up well with the Americans in the middle of the field?

Adam Jones - At only 20, Jones is the youngest player on the final 30, some thinking he mighta been left off similarly to what we saw in ‘06 when then-youngster like Greer and Billings, who looked good at camp, were left off the roster. The youngest player playing for Canada in London? Jordan Hall, a last minute call-up to replace an injured AJ Shannon, who was still two years older than Jones at 22 when he won gold. With that said though, esepcially after the kind of year Jones had both with Canisius and Orangeville, the kids definitely got game.

Mark Steenhuis - Maybe the best athlete in lacrosse period, but his lack of high profile field exposure had many thinking he’d likely be on the outside looking in. What makes Steenhuis relevant though? His speed and elusiveness, two things that might make him difficult to play against when Canada locks horns with the US.

Curtis Manning - American field fans might be wondering who Manning is, but Canucks know how good this former first round NLL pick really is. Manning, who finished up with Simon Fraser’s lacrosse team last year, was taken sixth overall in the ‘08 entry draft and has played at the last two Mann Cup finals with New West, one year as a call-up while still junior aged (winning NLL Insider’s defender of the year that year too). Listed as a defender with Team Canada but has played a lot of midfield too and would give the Canucks some good depth at either spot.

Phil Sanderson – Not even in the running four years ago, Sanderson played five games on D for the Toronto Nationals, none during the post-season, and hasn’t factored in for any Canadian teams since ‘96 when he was 18-years old. One of the most consistent, get-the-job-done D guys in the box game though.

Others still in the running, that weren’t on the team in ‘06; Garrett Billings, Matt Brown, Brad Conlon, Angus Dineley, Rhys Duch, Zack Greer, Kevin Huntley, Stephen Keogh, Evan Kirk, Jordan McBride, Ryan McClelland, Pat Merrill, Kevin Ross, Jon Sullivan and Merrick Thomson


From taking a quick look at the ‘06 roster up against the almost complete 2010 one, experience and age definitely seems to be a major difference. But actually, not so much. The average age of a player on the ‘06 gold medal winning team? 28. The average age at the time of the 2010 Worlds from the pool of 30 still remaining? Just a year younger at 27. Note: Player’s age for the ‘06 and ‘10 calendar year was used.

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