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Good practice to consider

Postby Zlaxbrah Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:33 am

Chicken wing- As you are holding the ball running one handed and your defender is on you, hold your stick right by your body vertically straight up and down, and don't even make any noise cradling. And as your defender starts to push up on you and try to reach for your stick, you want to try and bring your stick strait out behind your body so that the defender can't check the stick, an if the defender begins to reach behind to get your stick, immediately bring your stick back to the chicken wing.

Catching on the run/stick out in front of face- as you are running down or up an alley lefty or right, always have your stick out in front of your face, straight up, tucked in so that the defender that is playing on you can not check your stick once you catch it. And why you want to keep your stick out in front of your face is because you can watch the ball all the way into your stick. And never snap at the ball to retrieve it, always use soft hands and settle the ball into the pocket of your head.

Stair case dodge- as running down or up an alley as a middy or attack man, hold your stick tight to your body(chicken wing) and as your defender pushes on you bounce off of it and then keep on doing that 2 to 3 more times until he puts a lot of force into, then step out and then head toward the crease using a face dodge, split, and or roll dodge. This will create space and time to dodge your defender.

Lean shot- as a offender receiving a catch, when you shoot step into your shot and shoot as if you were aiming to a bottom corner, and quickly release it earlier to shoot to a top corner. This shot will start to confuse the goalie.

Act like a passer if you want to dodge/act like a dodger if you want to pass- This means that if you are looking to dodge your guy then set him up as if you are going to pass to a teammate, and then it will make your defender and other defenders just kind of stay where they are, and then you can open your guy up and quickly dodge through as the back up defenders aren't worried about you. And same thing with if you were going to make a pass, then you'd act like you were dodging so that it drew all the defenders kind of toward you because you act like a witness, and then someone could easily make a cut toward you as their defender is more focused on you.

Crossbone fake- If you are simply making a pass or are on the crease making a fake to throw your defender/goalie off then you want to keep the head of your stick right up by your face and have the top of your shaft on your collarbone, and have your top hand at the middle of your stick and your bottom hand at the bottom of your stick, and once u have that you simply move your shoulder as if you were gonna pass or shoot. And when you are on crease you don't necessarily have your body in front of the middle of the goal, you need your stick in the middle of the goal so that you have more angle to shoot at.

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