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Ontario Lacrosse Festival 2010

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:14 am
by UKLaxfan

For those interested in Junior Lacrosse from across the pond

They are webcasting The Ontario Lacrosse Festival (Bantam & Peewee)

National Junior Box Lacrosse Championships ... ew-webcast

Game Schedule

August 4, 2010

Time Division Teams

9:00 AM Bantam Nova Scotia vs.Manitoba
10:15 AM Peewee New Brunswick vs.British Columbia
11:30 AM Bantam New Brunswick vs. British Columbia
3:30 PM Peewee Iroquois vs. Alberta
5:00 PM Bantam Iroquois vs. Alberta
6:30 PM Peewee British Columbia vs. Ontario
8:00 PM Bantam British Columbia vs. Ontario

August 5, 2010

Time Division Teams

9:00 AM Peewee Nova Scotia vs. Ontario
11:30 AM Peewee British Columbia vs. Alberta
1:00 PM Bantam British Columbia vs. Alberta
3:30 PM Bantam Ontario vs. Quebec
5:00 PM Peewee Saskatchewan vs. Alberta
6:30 PM Bantam Saskatchewan vs. Alberta
8:00 PM Peewee Quebec vs. New Brunswick

August 6, 2010

Time Division Teams

9:00 AM Peewee 2nd (TBA) vs. 3rd (TBA)
10:15 AM Bantam 2nd (TBA) vs. 3rd (TBA)

Re: Ontario Lacrosse Festival 2010

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:16 am
by UKLaxfan
Peewee = U12
Bantam = U14

Article on one of the Peewee teams ... le/1155860

The road to the nationals began back in February. Forty-five players tried out for the provincial all-stars, but only 17 get to wear the New Brunswick jersey next week. The selection process here is much different compared to other provinces, said MacDougall, adding there are 45,000 peewee lacrosse players in Ontario. Still, many of the New Brunswickers had a firm hold on their lacrosse sticks at an early age.

"I would say almost all the kids on our team have played since they were four or five years old," MacDougall said. "The difference is in the level of competition they get."

MacDougall said traditional powerhouses include defending-champion Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and the Iroquois Nationals, a Native program with a rich history that was featured in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated. Other entries include Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec.

"The good teams operate as a five-man unit," MacDougall said. "They move the ball really well and run some sophisticated systems for 11- and 12-year-olds.