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Postby HawkUK Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:01 pm

I have followed NCAA Div 1 for a while and some 2,3 games. I was wondering how the four structures compair.

From reading resents posts people have mention that some div 3 teams i.e. Salisbury would beat some Div 2 teams and maybe some lower Div 1 teams. I know that the different divs are not split so much on Lax ability but the structure and money the uni put in sport.

Mainly what Im wondering with M.State about to join Div 1, how to the top teams in MCLA rank compaired to the varsity teams of the NCAA, and how would the top teams in English uni fair, such as Shef in the MCLA? (as we know Durham would do well they have all played there :P )
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Re: MCLA vs NCAA Divs

Postby 6x6 Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:20 pm

Probably just a typo on your part but the University of Michigan lacrosse program is going from the MCLA to the NCAA, not MSU. Unless you were thinking of Michigan State's coach, as he did leave to start up the program at Detroit Mercy a few years ago when that school added a NCAA DI lax program.

Regarding your main question, there are some good teams and talented players in the MCLA. BYU, Chapman, Arizona State and obviously Michigan are a few. The top MCLA teams often scrimmage NCAA teams and hold their own. The big difference is depth on individual teams and league wide. Some MCLA rosters are dotted with HS AA's. For example, Texas has 6 AA's on it's roster. These are kids that had NCAA DI-DIII offers but chose to play in the MCLA for a variety of reasons. However, NCAA DI teams have nearly a roster full of guys that were the best players at their high schools, were AA's etc. So when comparing the roster of a top MCLA club with that of one of the top NCAA DI teams, the NCAA team will have far greater talent top to bottom. Also, while there are a few very good and committed MCLA teams/programs, there just aren't nearly as many as you find in the NCAA.

I know there are some excellent players and teams in the UK. I'm not as familiar with all the BUCS teams but I'm sure Sheffield and some others could compete in the MCLA. In fact, the MCLA and BUCS might be similar in that there is a disaprity league wide with new teams and players just starting out, to well established programs playing at a very high level. Maybe you can get a better idea for comparison by checking out some of the games listed on the website which is dedicated to the MCLA. The games from 5/17 and 5/18 were first round games from the recenlty completed MCLA national championship tournament that was held in Denver at d**k's Sporting Goods Park where the 2014 World games will be held. There are MCLA DI and DII team games available for replay. Usually, the larger schools are all DI. Boston College, Colorado State, Colorado, etc.
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