results 7/12/14

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results 7/12/14

Postby whopead Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:19 pm

Couple of interesting results in the north this week

Stockport 7 poynton 7

Bet that would have been a feisty game to watch and with Cheadle winning and a game in hand it gives them a chance to go 3 points clear

Mersey 17 Wacs 8. Big win for Mersey against closest this a change of fortune for Mersey or a bad day from WACS?

Also in Prem 2 Wilmslow beat Steelers who have been looking very strong and beaten early title contenders Brooklands.

Wilmslow had a decent side out aqnd Steelers may be struggling with a few injuries at the moment. Makes it a little more interesting at the top

Nottingham were unable to field a team for their trip to Rochdale due to university terms finishing insanley early and students going back home and a number of key players injured. No more dates to re arrange meant first concession in nearly 2 years. (may not sound amazing but 2-3 years ago we were struggling to fulfill fixtures)
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Re: results 7/12/14

Postby Fourteen Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:31 pm

Stockport 7-7 Poynton - Poynton led with 5 minutes to go, Stockport got a goal back and then Poynton had a chance to win it with a feed in to the crease with 10 seconds left but it didn't come off. Congratulations to Poynton - I saw their 18-3(ish) drubbing to Stockport last season.

Steelers suffered from injuries, I am told, and an LDO with an illegal stick.
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Re: results 7/12/14

Postby Jim13 Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:24 am

Wow, great results for Poynton and Mersey.

Wilmslow Sheffield game was a cracking game. I think we both had a player or two out; I know we were missing Jay Jones plus a couple more.

They hammered us last game so we knew we had to be up for it.

They took the lead in the first quarter and held it by a goal or two until the third.

We generally played well; a few individual mistakes but decent teamwork across the park.

Our attack really clicked for a few of the goals; a joy to watch at times.

Mike Jordan was a beast in the middle of the park and Alex Pearson MOM in goal.

Sure we'll be seeing more of Sheffield this season - great bunch of lads and both teams will be well up for it.
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Re: results 7/12/14

Postby the pom Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:18 pm

"Mersey 17 Wacs 8. Big win for Mersey against closest this a change of fortune for Mersey or a bad day from WACS?"

a bit of both I would say.
only the first game I have played on the first this season so hard to compare but the Mersey offence was strong from the start scoring great team goals really moving he ball quick.
Mersey also had the run of ground balls. I think after the strong start Mersey just took control of the game and as it does the score ran away a bit probably not a true reflection of the game.
Mersey kept the foot on the gas as wacs backed off realising the game was slipping away from them.
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Re: results 7/12/14

Postby young_trig Mon Dec 16, 2013 2:50 pm

Massive result for Wilmslow, I don't think many would have predicted that!
Its blown the Prem 2 race wide open, although Steelers remain hot favourites.
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